In case you don’t believe that we’re the busiest little brewery in Wisconsin:


Brewing This Week (5/6):

Comet and Azacca Pale Ale

Freshwater Surfsider Kolsch

Sparrow Hunter IPA

Czech Amber Lager

Kadune New England-style IPA

Dune Dweller Black IPA



In Fermentation:

18 Miles to Belgium – Belgian IPA

Autumn Moonbeam Amber

Coffee Saison

Cranberry Saison

Experimental Pilsner

Fountain Park Pale Ale

Freshwater Surfsider Kolsch-style Ale

Hard Roll Hefe

Help > Slip > Frank Granola IPA

Kadune New England-style IPA

Vienna Lager


In Brite Tank:

GT3 Double IPA

We Named One Jimmy



Autumn Moonbeam Amber

Baltic Porter

Freshwater Surfsider Kolsch-style Ale

Kentucky’s Greatest Love Machine – Russian Imperial Stout (2017 Knob Creek)

Kentucky’s Greatest Love Machine – Russian Imperial Stout (2019 Heaven Hill)

Olde Skybox Barleywine (2016)

Russia’s Greatest Love Machine – Russian Imperial Stout

St. Clair Belgian Quad (2018)

Tequila Wheat


In Kegs (bug Eric about putting these on tap):

Bam Ba Lamb Black Saison

Biquette Blonde Doppelbock

Blueberry Porter

Centennial (single-hop) Double IPA


FrankenStout – fermented with all 96 White Labs yeast strains

Idaho Gem (single-hop) Pale

Imperial Rice Pilsner

Lemondrop Calypso (hops) Pale

Mandarina Bavaria Saison

Mint Julep Tripel

Porter with Cinnamon Hazelnut Coffee

St. Clair Belgian Quad (2017)


What beer should we brew next? What should we put on tap? Yell at us on our Facebook Page