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Year-Round Offerings


Hard Roll Hefe

Hefeweizen / 5% ABV / 12 IBU
A classic Bavarian Hefe with a bit of Sheboygan thrown in. Light spice and apricot notes make for an easy drinking summer wheat.



New England-style IPA / 6.5% ABV / 55 IBU
A hazy, refreshing, citrus and mango kaboom named after the Kohler-Andrae sand dunes. Winner – 2019 Wisconsin IPA Fest


Autumn Moonbeam Amber

American Amber / 5% ABV / 30 IBU
A not-to-style hoppy Vienna ale that tastes like an autumn hike in the woods


Fountain Park Pale Ale

American Pale Ale / 5.9% ABV / 44 IBU
Light easy-drinking Pale with bold citrus and mango aroma, balanced with an earthy bitterness. Featuring Cascade and Falconer’s Flight hops.


Freshwater Surfsider

Kölsch-style Ale / 5% ABV / 26 IBU

Crisp and refreshing, tastes like a sweet break on the waters of The Malibu of the Midwest


The 5th C

Cream Ale / 5% ABV
Coconut Coffee Cream Ale with Cluster hops, Dominican Cocoa Nibs and Colectivo Co-Optiva Coffee. Your new favorite light beer.



Brewed Most of the Time


Sparrow Hunter

IPA / 6.5% ABV / 92 IBU
Pineapple, Mango and Strawberry from Idaho 7, Centennial, Citra and Mosaic hops. Sometimes brewed with a guest dry hop.


Help > Slip > Frank

IPA / 6.9% ABV / 70 IBU
A classic well-balanced West Coast-style IPA falling on the malty/piney/grapefruity side of the IPA spectrum. Sometimes brewed with Granola and Cranberries



Double IPA / 8.3% ABV / 77 IBU
Double IPA combining deep roasted English malts with copious amounts of Citra, Centennial, Simcoe and Mosaic hops.



Double IPA / 9.5% ABV / 117 IBU
9 hops at over 5 pounds per barrel, big, tropical, triple dry hopped, bitter yet smooth, complex, dry, perfection. Head brewer Eric’s favorite beer.


North Point Pils

German Pilsner / 5.2% ABV / 20 IBU
A classic, easy drinking German Pilsner with a light lemongrass bitterness


Paradigm (Coffee) Porter

Porter / 6.9% ABV
A dark, smooth, chocolaty Porter balanced with the bite of Colectivo Peacemaker Espresso coffee beans. Named for our favorite coffee house across the street.


Sheep Shearer Scottish Ale

Scottish Ale / 6.3% ABV
A big malty body with nothing to hide. Our same delicious red-hued caramel bomb with a new name.


1 Bourbon + 1 Scotch = 1 Beer

Scottish Ale / 7.5% ABV
Sheep Shearer Scottish Ale aged on Hungarian oak infused with Knob Creek Smoked Maple Bourbon. Perfect blend of maple, vanilla and malt.


Irish Dry Stout

Stout – Irish Dry / 4.9% ABV / 37 IBU
As dry as a 50 year old Calculus II text book in the Mojave Desert


Russia’s Greatest Love Machine

Russian Imperial Stout / 9.2% ABV
Rah! Rah! A big stout with notes of cocoa and finishing with hints of dark fruit.



Spring Seasonals


Biquette Blonde Doppelbock

Blonde Doppelbock / 7.6% ABV / 10 IBU
Dedicated to everyone’s favorite grindcore-loving goat, this Doppelbock is for unconventional souls who celebrate life just a bit harder


My Bock

Maibock / 7.7% ABV
Great bock aroma with a medium mouthfeel, all the sweet malt flavors you want in your bock. A favorite of the local home brewers.


Zwei Ziegen Doppelbock

Doppelbock / 7.9% ABV / 24 IBU
Deep copper, malty and sweet, with a touch of Noble hop bitterness.


Two Exes

Mexican Lager / 5.6% ABV
Our take on a refreshing, south-of-the-border, sun soaking, grilling on the beach beer. Try it with a slice of lime and a side of tacos.



Fall Seasonals


Festbier / 5.3% ABV
Halfway between a malty Oktoberfest and an easy drinking Helles. Similar to what’s currently served on the Wies’n every year in Munich




Brewed Every Sometimes


The Worf from Düsseldorf

Altbier / 5.2% ABV / 28 IBU
A malty Munich-based copper German ale with a spicy Noble hop note and slightly fruity nose from Kolsch yeast.


St. Clair Quad

Belgian Quad / 9.8% ABV
Strong, sweet malts w/ mild alcohol burn. Aged 6 months. A saintly sipper. Sometimes aged on cherries or Brandy-infused oak.


Belgian Tripel, Exp

Belgian Tripel / 8.2% ABV
Our constantly evolving Tripel. More or less the same malt bill with different yeasts and hop combos



Dunkelweizen / 5.9% ABV
Clean, easy drinking dark wheat beer with just a touch of banana and clove.


Mosaic IPA

IPA / 7% ABV / 57 IBU
Lots of pineapple and mango with a grapefruit backbone.


18 Miles To Belgium

Belgian IPA / 6.5% ABV
A heavily hopped IPA with a solid malt backbone and a quirky Belgian yeast kick, like a trip to Belgium, Wisconsin.. deliciously quirky


Ballhorn Black IPA

Black IPA / 6.3% ABV / 66 IBU

Dark like a Stout, bright like an IPA.


Nieuwpoort White IPA

White IPA / 5.5% ABV / 55 IBU
A bright, well-balanced West Coast of Belgium White IPA with orange peel, coriander and lots of “C” hops.


Ottava Strada

Italian Lager / 5.7% ABV / 29 IBU
“8th Street” in Italian, similar to a Czech Pils, but with corn and Magnum and Saaz hops. Crisp, refreshing with a bit of hop bite.


Munich Helles

Helles Lager / 5.3% ABV / 20 IBU
Light and bready with just a touch of hop bite. Quite possibly the perfect Euro Lager.


Vienna Lager

Vienna Lager / 5.7% ABV / 33 IBU

Caramel nose, well balanced with a crisp finish.


Raspberry Porter

Porter / 6.9% ABV
Our sweet and malty Porter aged on Raspberries


Chai Porter

Porter / 6.9% ABV
Our classic sweet Porter with a touch of Chai tea.


Chipotle Chili Porter

Porter / 6.9% ABV
Our malty, sweet Porter with Chipotle Chilis added for spice and smoke.


Blueberry Vanilla Porter

Porter / 6.9% ABV
Our classic Porter recipe with a few pounds of Blueberries added to the keg. Subtle but sweet.


Rebel Kurt The French

Saison / 9.2% ABV
A French-style, boozy saison with an abundant addition of all natural sorghum from Elkhart Lake, WI


Gin And Tonic Saison

Saison / 8% ABV
Juniper, limes, oranges, Lemondrop hops, Langley’s-infused oak, it’s all here and it’s refreshing. Aged 12 months.



Schwarzbier / 5.6% ABV
First brewed during a tornado, this dark German lager features a roasted chocolate nose with a finish that leaves nothing behind.


Peach Habanero Pale

Spiced / 6.2% ABV
A tropical salsa with bite. A peppery nose followed by citrusy sweet habaneros, finishing with an earthy jalapeño tingle.


Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

Oatmeal Stout / 7.1% ABV
Baked, I mean brewed with oats, vanilla, cinnamon and rum-soaked raisins. Mmm.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout

Oatmeal Stout / 8% ABV
A roasty oatmeal stout aged on Hershey’s chocolate, Jif peanut butter, and Hungarian oak for good measure. Mmm.


Kentucky’s Greatest Love Machine

Russian Imperial Stout / 12.35% ABV / 1 IBU
Russia’s Greatest barrel aged in Kentucky’s Finest Whisky barrels for 2 years. Collusion never tasted so good.


From Russia With Chai

Russian Imperial Stout / 8.2% ABV
Sit down to a spot of tea with Russia’s Greatest Love Machine!